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A wind turbine works by converting some of the kinetic energy in wind stream to electricity. Air weighs about 1.2 kg per cubic meter at sea level, and kinetic energy is expressed by mass times the square of its velocity. Understanding this is a key to appreciating the energy available to wind generators.

Most of SIKCO wind turbine models are based on downwind principle with flexible blade and Furlingless design. All turbines have triple safety cover. These turbines are very responsive with low wind velocity and gusty wind having 360° yaw movement.


Solar energy is completely a renewable resource and will last till earth exist. Sun is a constant and consistent power source. One can obtain average 06 hrs.x 320 days operation & 25 years of Free Electricity, with very little maintenance. It is most noise free operation.It generates power even in cloudy days.

Solar energy is safe, silent and easy to maintain. It is compatible with home inverter / batteries. Can be used even in remote locations. As our oil reserves decline, it is important for us to turn to alternative sources for energy.


The impending scarcity of petroleum threatens the world's fuel supply. Mankind can face this threat successfully with the help of bio gaseous methane, but the world is prevented from taking full advantage of this technology, because its practitioners ignore the basic tenet of science, namely that output of work is dependent on the energy available for doing that work.

SIKCO BIOS can process garbage at source. General feeds for bios are Food waste, Vegetable waste, Fruit waste, Cow dung etc.


Hydroponics is an advanced technology in Agriculture which makes agriculture possible everywhere! Adopting the technology of Hydroponics results in low water consumption, high productivity, low expenses, more growth is lesser space etc.

We, SIKCO are in the process of expanding our horizons in this new business venture with 100% renewable energy and growing plants at indoor making one completely independent of market driven vegetables.


When one rides an e-bike he is part of tomorrow's crowd. Pioneers in revolutionizing electrical mobility. Only e-bike has everything you would want to get around town in the most enjoyable, efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

SIKCO E-bike represents just the beginning of an electric transportation system that will make our planet a better place to live.With all the benefits of clean, quiet, electric power, plus world-class design and engineering; the e-bike is the world's most advanced new breed of vehicle.


SIKCO LED lighting is arguably the most integrated change the lighting industry with solar and wind has witnessed a independency of conventional energy. LEDs are transforming the nature of lighting by opening up new door possibilities for how and where this customized intelligent light is used to enhance the human experience.

LED lighting uses less energy than most other lamps, lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement. It is easy to Customised and comes with hundreds of varieties.


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